Saturday 5th January 2019
Vientiane / Mekong River on Laos-Thailand border
On our last morning of the trip, we drove via Route 11 to an area about 70 km north-west of Vientiane on the Mekong River. This was supposedly reliable for Jerdon’s Bushchat. It’s just as well Noy knew the spot, because it is not visible from the road, and we had to climb under some roadside vegetation to get to it.

This area looked interesting - it was a wide expanse of the Mekong with sandy islands covered in scrubby vegetation. It is actually the border with Thailand which was visible on the other side. Early in the morning we saw a mixed group of egrets flying up river, a few Spot-billed Ducks, and two River Lapwing were seen on one of the islands. We soon picked up a male Jerdon’s Bushchat perched on vegetation on one of the islands. As the light got better, we saw a few more – a bit distant, but we were happy enough.

We then drove back to the airport at Vientiane. That was the end of a really great trip - we had packed a lot in for the three weeks. The three target endemics were bagged, and we saw some other fantastic birds, some of which are hard to see elsewhere in the world.
December 17th, 2018.Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm Temples
December 18th, 2018.Tonle Sap Lake
December 19th, 2018.Bengal Florican Grasslands / Tmatboey Forest
December 20th, 2018.Tmatboey Forest
December 21st, 2018.Tmatboey Forest / Boeng Toal Vulture Feeding Station
December 22nd, 2018.Boeng Toal Vulture Feeding Station / Kratie Wetlands
December 23rd, 2018.Kratie Wetlands / Kampi and Mekong River / Mondulkiri and Keo Seima
December 24th, 2018.Dak Dam Forest / Keo Seima Forest
December 25th, 2018.Jahoo Gibbon Camp, Keo Seima / Dak Dam Forest
December 26th, 2018.Drive to Mount Aural via Cambodian Tailorbird site
December 27th, 2018.Ascent of Mount Aural, Cardamom Mountain Range
December 28th, 2018.Mount Aural Forest
December 29th, 2018.Descent of Mount Aural / Drive to Pursat Grasslands
December 30th, 2018.Pursat Grasslands
December 31st, 2018.Phnom Penh, Cambodia / Vientiane, Laos
January 1st, 2019.Vientiane, Laos / Ban Na Hin
January 2nd, 2019.Ban Na Hin, Laos - Km 33 to Km 50
January 3rd, 2019.Ban Na Hin / Dragon Cave / Vietnam-Laos border
January 4th, 2019.Ban Na Hin / Vientiane
January 5th, 2019.Vientiane / Mekong River at Thailand - Laos border
Mekong River, off Route 11 north-west of Vientiane, Laos. Jerdon's Bushchat habitat.</br>The river is the border with Thailand, which is visible on the far side., 75km north-west of Vientiane, Laos.
Mekong River, off Route 11 north-west of Vientiane, Laos. Jerdon's Bushchat habitat.
The river is the border with Thailand, which is visible on the far side.
75km north-west of Vientiane, Laos. January 5th, 2019.